Initiatives To Improve

Shedding New Light On HEALTHCARE

To advance the well-being of everyone in society,
Nikon Healthcare Business Unit is contributing to its realization
through providing optical technologies.

Health and Welfare

Creating a world that allows more people to enjoy their lives with a sense of safety.

Nikon contributes to elucidating diseases and developing treatments and medicines, in order to create a future in which people around the world can enjoy peaceful and healthy lives.


Offering the opportunity of learning to everyone.

Nikon is building a future where everyone can receive an appropriate education, from children all the way up to adults’ expert technical acquisition at medical facilities and industrial sites.


Removing the threat of hunger, and providing safer, more nutritious foods.

To achieve stable food production and effective safety management, Nikon contributes to the safety/sustainability of food supplies to people throughout the world.


Preserving and improving the environment while aiming to realize a sustainable society.

Through helping maintain and improve the living environment including water quality conservation, Nikon works toward achieving an environment in which people all over the world can live safely and comfortably.

Field report

Nikon's technologies and products strongly support the well-being of everyone in various fields of modern society. You can read those reports of this essential contribution.