Life Science Solutions

Visualizing and analyzing various biological
phenomena using microscope technology
that has been cultivated over 100 years,
and contributing to advances in the fields of
biological science and drug discovery.

What is Life Science Solutions?

Our biological microscopes lineup, which supports the foundations of Nikon's healthcare business, offers a diverse product range covering from education to cutting-edge research, as well as integrated software with abundant observation and analysis functions. With technologies such as super-resolution and deep observation, we can effectively visualize life phenomena and support the innovation of life science. In the field of regenerative medicine and drug discovery, we will contribute to treatment and drug discovery through cell culture observation devices that evaluate cell quality and cell-related services.

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Microscope related site

The MicroscopyU website features timely information about optical microscopy, photomicrography, and digital imaging techniques. It introduces articles covering basic knowledge of microscopic observation, as well as observational techniques and applications.

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Nikon BioImaging Lab

Nikon BioImaging Labs located in Boston (U.S.A.), Leiden (The Netherlands), and Shonan (Japan) provide contract research services, from assay system development to imaging and analysis, leveraging our proven microscopic photography and analysis technology. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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Cell x Image Lab

Offering useful information for improving the reproducibility of cell culture and evaluation including basic knowledge of cell culture, cell observation and image analysis, which are important in the field of regenerative medicine and drug discovery research.

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